Bending Tools

Our Tool

ONS TECHNO SOLUTIONS tools are made of high quality steel and hardened according to the bending needs on the work surface, prolonging their longevity. We also offer a high degree of precision, keeping the tightest tolerances on critical measurements. This guarantees a perfect alignment of the pieces and interchangeability of our tools, as well as maximizing tool set-up performance. We always keep high standards on all surfaces finishing, which remain recognizable even after a regular use of the tool by the operator. All the tools are produced with the utmost quality, precision and care, the main distinctive features of the company in the global market.

Toolspress is a world class designer and manufacturer of high quality press brake tooling and clamping system. We provide the most innovative products in the fabricators industries. Through a great manufacturing program with more than thousand standard models, we are able to guide your choice of the best bending system in the fastest time. Toolspress has four important divisions:

  • Precision ground standard Press Brake Tooling
  • Precision ground special Press Brake Tooling
  • Press Brake Clamping system
  • Industrial solutions for Press Brakes

These four divisions are independent and uses the ultimate technologies in manufacturing process available in the world market, in this we can guarantee high precision quality products with no comparison. Toolspress quality is very well known in the market since many years. Our customers are for us technological partners, in fact through a tight cooperation they let us solve and improve their bending performance. The global market always need more and more technology to a very competitive price in the shortest time. In this way our company develops manufacturing methods that allows us to meet our customers? requirements.